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How to remove dark circle instantly


Dark Circle is one of the major problem everyone facing in our day to day life even little children start getting dark circle. The main reason behind this dark circle is not having good sleep and using mobile phones always. As per the survive due to heavy stress also leads to face dark circle.

Here i have come up with some best resolution to avoid dark circle permanently follow the steps below to get rid of dark circles

Raw Potato

The main benefits in potato is it contain iron and vitamin which will helps us to easily get reduce darkness will make our skin lighten

To make this remedy naturally take one potato and keep it in a fridge for about 1 hour. Then cut two cut the potato into thin slices. Cover your eyes with these potato slices. Leave it for 20 minutes take some cool water and wash your eyes. Do this method twice a day for better result. All skin type can try this method which will work effectively will lighten skin easily.


The main benefits in tomato is it contain antioxidant lycopene also contain vitamin C which will helps us to easily get smooth and soft skin. Tomato is one of the best bleaching characteristics which will whiten our skin very soon. The vitamins A, B, and C present in it rejuvenate lifeless skin.

To make tomato paste naturally in home take one tomato and pinch of turmeric powder add one table spoon yogert or curd take half spoon lemon juice mix all the content together make it into fine paste apply it under the dark circles leave it for 5 minutes and wash it with cold water using these home remedies daily, you can get the result effectively and also instantly get rid of dark circles.


Milk which contains Vitamin A and vitamin B6 are found in milk which creates new cells of the skin. Milk which contaim vitamin B12 which will work effectively to remove the darkness of the skin and improve the skin tone easily

To do this procedure naturally take some cotton and dip it in the milk apply all over the dark circle area and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash it with cold water and take small bowl add one table spoon of milk one table spoon curd two spoon gram flour mix all together apply the mask on all over the dark area. Repeat this process three times a week which will works effectively gives results.

T- Beg

Teabags contain caffeine which constricts blood vessels and prevents fluid from entering the tissues. This causes the skin under the eyes to glow. The tea bag removes the skin tissue and reduces inflammation under the eyes.

To prepare the mask naturally in home keep the soaked tea bags in refrigerator for about 10 minutes and keep it in you eyes which will reduce the darkness easily. Take some aleovera gel apply over the dark circles area leave it for five to ten minutes and then wash the eyes with cold water.
Do this process regularly to get the better results instantly.

All the methods given above is one of the best resolution for darkness all skin type people can apply this methods even boys can try this methods which work effectively and all those methods is purely natural and will make your skin smooth soft and fair do all those process continuesly to get best result.



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