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Homemade Natural Bath Powder


Now a days every soap contains chemical instead of instead of using soap we can use homemade Bath Powder which will gives your skin a glow and makes your body shine follow the steps given below to make homemade natural bath powder

Ingredients :

Green Gram
Masood Dal
Gram Dal
White Ginger
Kasturi manjal
Nut Grass
Orange Peel
Khus Grass
Avaram poo
Rose petals

Green Gram :

Green Gram which Contains vitamin A and C Enzyme this will regiminate your skin will give a good nourishment and gentle skin.

Masood Dal :

Masood Dal which contain vitamins and minerals will act as a good cleanser for skin which also gives even tone to the skin and gives bright ness instantly.

Gram Dal :

Gram Dal will remove sun tan on regular basis this gives best results this is also one of the nature sunscreen lotion which will protect our skin from sun.

Rice :

Rice which is been used as a best scrubing agent rice Contains anti oxidant will helps our skin not get Wrinkle.

Wheat :

Wheat which will give reduction from the toxins like acne, suntan & darkspots which will also gives good texure to our skin.

White Ginger :

White Ginger will reduce mark acne in our face which will make them to fade soon and removes acne permanently.

Kasturi manjal :

Kasturi manjal will contain anti oxidant which will gives reduction in tan and will also enhance skin complexion.

Nut Grass :

It will prevent melanin formation which is the main reason for skin pigmentation in our skin and also control ageing prbm

Orange Peel :

Orange is one of the natural food which gives better improvement for our skin color. Orange which contain vitamin C which will gives a good color instantly.

Khus Grass :

Khus Grass those will generally works effectively to stay away from sweating problem who is facing sweating problem will easily smells bad where this khus help to stay from those problem which will be controlled keep your body fresh and clean.

Avaram Poo & Rose Petals

Both avaram Poo and rose petals which will Improve skin complexion and gives good shined skin.

Now mix all the ingredients together and rinse into fine paste. Start applying the powder bath everyday instead of soap. We can also used this powder bath as a mask apply all over the body for 20 minutes wash it with the cool water.

This powder will keep your body to stay away from chemicals and gives good coloration softness to your skin naturally avoid using soap start using bath powder for the betterment of your skin.



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