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Parlour style Pedicure in Home


Everyone want to keep their body parts clean and neat but most of the people forget to takecare of their leg which makes them to feel not good.

Some of them spend more time and money in parlour to keep pedicure. Here in this article we bring parlour style Pedicure for you all follow all the steps given below for the better result.

Step 1:

Wipe your feet with wet towel and remove the nailpolish in your nails using the remover.

Step 2:

Take one tub or bucket according your availability and pour some hot water add two tablespoon of shampoo as your wish add two table spoon table salt finally two table spoon of baking soda mix everything well dip your leg in the mixed water & leave it for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes now scrub your feet with any brush as your wish do it for 2 minutes where all dirts will be removed and you leg become clean now clean your feet with a dry tower. Where Baking soda and Salt helps to remove the dirts from you leg.

Step 3:

Now take a nail cutter and if you have any excess nail cut all your nails and shape your nails with a nail shaper. Now take one tooth pick try to remove interior dirts in your nails by doing this process which will make your nail to grow well and strong. Finally remove all ur hairs in foot by using some razor or veet.

Step 4:

Take one bowl fill it with hot water add some raw milk and half table spoon lemon mix it well and dip your feet in the mix for 10 minutes.

The main purpose for using lemon and milk which will easily remove the excess dirt in you feet will gives shining and glow to your feet. Now take one foot scruber and start doing scrubing which removes dead skin cells.

Step 5:

Now take some will have problem with their nails which looks yellow colour instead of white we can also this problem now take some tooth paste of your wish and apply it in your nail.

Leave it for 5 minutes after 5 minutes start scrubing your nails and wash it with gold water which will make your Nails to look white and clean.

Step 6:

Now we gonna make home made scruber. Take a bowl take one table spoon rice flour and one table spoon sugar finally add some honey mix it well now mix scrub very well and apply the mix in all over your foot for 5 minutes after 5 minutes wash it with normal water.

Step 7:

Take a bowl add one table Spoon wheat flour a pinch of turmeric powder half table spoon lemon juice add some raw milk now mix the content well now apply this pack in your foot leave for 10 minutes now wash it will cool water.

Turmeic and lemon will remove sun tan in your foot easily & wheat flour will give instant colour to your leg.

Step 8 : Moisturizer

Finally apply any moisturizer as your wish apply all over the leg finally apply some nail polish as your wish. Now their will be a huge changes in your leg do this Menicure regularly for better results.



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