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How to Control HairFall Naturally in Home


Hairfall is one of the most basic which all age people are facing nowadays. If you want to give your hair a complete detox from store bought products create your own complete Hair care routine with these fabulous receips using natural ingredients

Hair Oil :

To make your own hair oil take equal amount of hibiscus flowers and leaves heat coconut oil for 2-4 minutes. Once the oil get hot reduce the flame and then add the flowers and leaves. Let this cook for 15 minutes so the secretions can infuse allow to cool before staining.

After strain message the oil gently on your scalp. Hibiscus oil is an excellent conditioner that not only nourishes your hair but also strengthens it & helps prevent premature aging

Hair Mask :

If you’re suffering from dull hair and want to prevent hair fall this miracle mask do wonders. Mix 4 table spoon Fenugreek seed paste with 4 table spoon onion juice.

Onion juice rich in sulphur, prevents scalp infections & boost growth. While Fenugreek seeds promotes healthy scalp, tames frizz and has antifungal properties. Apply it evenly throughout your scalf & hair rinse after 30 minutes. Follow this method once a week for thick bouncy hair.

Shampoo :

Amla also act as natural shampoos. It midly exfoliates the scalf, is full of anti-oxidants & reverses hair loss. Take some amla powder mix some water mix well and leave it over night in the morning before using add some lemon juice massage on your scalp before you rinsing it off

Amla which have the power to remove the dirts easily and efficiently that give power to our hair root to grow silky, shine & fast.

Conditioner :

This simple two ingredients conditioner involves yogurt and honey. Yogurt has lactic acid which moisturises, hydrates and prevent frizziness. Honey helps in shine & lustre to the strands.

Mix two table spoon of honey with a cup of yogurt. Apply and rinse with warm water. Use this conditioner to dryness and gives your hair a strength and shiny appreance

Serum :

This Do It Yourself serum will penetrate your hair and provide nourishment. To make this serum we need to boil tulsi and curry for 5 minutes and make the water to cool then stain it. Add some aleovera gel & almond oil to this mixture.

Curry leaves are a rich source of beta carotenes & protein that helps strengthen your hair. Tulsi is an Naturally madicinal which helps us in many way.

And the lubricating properties of almond oil keeps damage and breakage away. Apply it on damp hair focusing on the end where it feels the driest follow the steps for the better result.



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