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Natural Facemask for Glowing Skin


If you are searching for the glowing skin facemask where you are at the right place. We found lot of face mask that can help you to get glowing skin follow the steps regularly to get better results.

It’s no secrets that korean beauty trends changed skincare game and made us all strive for that perfect, smooth glass skin and glowing complexion so we got a routine for you that’s amazing on the face and easy on the pockets because all you need is few DIY ingredients

Oil Cleanser :

There are so many cleanser available now we gonna make use of oily cleanser which dissolve oily impurities. The most powerful oli are olive oil, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil.

Use cotton pad to apply all over the face. These oils are gentle on your skin and the surface of your skin where a water based cleanser might not be able to penetrate

Water Cleanser :

Now you can move on to water based cleanser to remove the oil residue and dirt. Now take some honey and add some milk or water this is one of the best cleanser.

Apply it to your face in round movements and then wash it off with warm some water. Honey is the best natural ingredients used for nourishment and also other weight loss process

Exfoliator :

Mix together a spoon of gram flour with a spoon of multani mitti, take a little of this mixture in your hands and add a few drops of water to form a base use this base to exfoliate your face.

Feel free from the irritation because of the fine and gentle granulated powder powerful scrub to remove all the dead skin cells.

Toner :

This single ingredient step is a must do you can use either apple cider vinegar, green tea or rose water soaked on a cotton pad or sprayed directly on to your face.

The toner will help balance your skin’s ph level, tighten your pores and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Mask :

This Do It Yourself marksheet which we can able to do it ourselves in our home naturally. Mixed together 2 table spoon of glycerine, 2 table spoon of chamomile tea.

And a couple drops of lavender essential oil pour this onto a compressed sheet mask and let your absorbs then goodness for 15-20 minutes.

The glycerine with help hydrate your skin chamomile tea repairs dry patches and lavender soothes irritation. This is one the best combination to works well in every skin type people.

Moisturizer :

Now it’s time to lock the moisture in for a gel moisturizer simply apply some aleovera gel to your skin and pat it in gently. Go for an ingredient like jojoba oil for some luxurious oil based hydration or try a small or scoop of Shea butter for a heavy, creamier moisturizer.

Eye Cream :

For an under eye gel that will lighten dark circles and banish fine lines all you need is 1table spoon of almond oil, few drops of vitamin E oil and a table spoon of aleovera gel.

The almond and vitamin E oil are hero ingredients in reducing signs of ageing and the aleo vera gel help provide some extra hydration. Follow these steps on regular basis to get better results.



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