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How to Sing any part in smule group song on Android version


Smule is the top most singing app.it has so many features in IOS than android.IOS version have smooth Lyrics scrolling feature its the best solution and time consuming for group song singers because they have choose which part want to Sing easily scroll down to choose part and sing easily.

Now Smule introduce the Song structure for all songs ,all song uploader must have fill and choose the song structure for all songs.

Song structure be like ,Intro,verse,prechorus,chorus,bridge,outro, miscellaneous.so the song uploader apply the desired portion for song structure user easily navigate to choose any song structure part and sing .its time consuming for group songs.

Also known the song structure for all songs.

How To choose

Click the playlist icon on smule app when the song is loaded ,untick the full song options and choose which part want to Sing select the part and happy singing.



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