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How to get Rid from Darken Lips


One of the major problems everyone facing nowadays is darken lips. Usually this problems occurs for both boys and girls if we stop taking care for our lips automatically this problems goes into deeper and worse.

Here in this article i have come up with some best solution for our lip read the full article to know the root cause to stop ths darken lip.

Steps to Follow


To do cleaning naturally in home we need some raw milk and cotton. Now dip the cotton in raw milk and apply it all over the lip apply the milk for thrice or twice do it for two minutes. Cleansing will always helps to remove the dirt and impurities from our lip which will make our lip to remove from darkness easily.


To do scrub naturally in home take small bowl take one table spoon of brown sugar, take some honey mix it together now take half lemon dip it in the mix start apply it on your lip do it for 3 Minutes scrub your lip very well.

We can also use white sugar but brown sugar which will gives more results also works effectively it also contains glycolic acid so it gives result instantly. We can also apply this brown sugar on face during scrubing which will remove dirt and give fairness easily. Lemon which contains citric acid which will work effectively instead of lemon we can also use orange juice which will also work effectively on your lips

3.Lip Mask

To do lip Mask naturally take small bowl add one tablespoon wheat flour. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. Now add some yogurt or curd. Add some lemon juice and coriander juice mix everything together now apply gently on your lips and leave it for 10 minutes.

Wheat flour is used to remove sun tan esily where lip get darken due to some sun tan also get remove because of this wheat flour which will work effectively to remove tan from our lips. Turmeric usually have the effect to give glow skin which will makes your skin to glow easily. Yogurt or Curd is one of the best remedy for skin lightening.

4.Lip Serum Oil

To make lip serum oil naturally in home take some kesar take two table spoon sweet almond oil if almond oil is not available means we can also use coconut oil instead of alomond oil now smash both together make it to fine paste. Now apply all over the lip and leave it for a day.

Kesar is having natural content which makes our lip to get pink easily almond oil will give shining to our lip when this ingredients works together on our lip which gives best results instantly. Make this serum also store it for long day to apply on daily basis

This methods will works effet for all skin type but apply all the steps on regular basis to get best results.



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