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Top 5 Best Singing App for Android


If you’re a professional singer or a improving your singing skills these apps are definitely helps for you


Smule is the one of the best singing app ever.This app available on both Android and ios platforms.You can sing solo ,Duet, Group collab with others.If you want to Sing any track you have to purchase vip but You can join with other singers no need to Get VIP access.Smule user interface is very simple and clean easy of uses.

Singing quality : You can record your voice like studio effects using smule app because so many audio filters there Super Studio,Hype,Snapchat,hormony, double,pop filter

Video filters: Video filters can enhanced your viewing experience,So many templates available simple you can choose and record your selft and share to all social medias

Gifts: You and your favourite recordings u can gift to others with stickers and comments communication with text msgs , Group chats etc

High Quality Recording
Simple ui
Group Singing
Very low cost subscription
User can upload Karokee tracks

Live jam hanging
No rooms,tasks

Star Maker

This app like More and more features are there all singing and entertaining all thinhs there like a chat rooms video chat rooms , Singing room, Gifting others daily tasks,And much more

Tasks: Daily tasks to collect coins to Gifting others,And purchase items,so many events are available day by day and video audio effects are simple superb.you can sing easily to others whatever you want sing like lyrics scrolling.

More Entertaining features
Tasks events
Singing room live
User can Upload Karokee tracks

Recording quality not much compare to smule
Vip subscribe cost high
No Group Recordings


Sargam is the one of the singingapp its the indian version of starmaker ,star maker all features are available in sargam app


Siimple and normal singingapp You can choose solo duet songs inthe app.User interface is very simple Audiofilters not much impressive ,very low amount of songs only available



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