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How to get Fair & Clear Skin. Daily Skin Care Routine


Everyone wish to get clear and soft skin without doing any skin care routine. But is this is possible in our day to day life style, read the article full to know the trips and tricks to maintain your skin for beautiful clear and skin.

What is Skin Care Routine ?

In our day to day we having plenty of works, where we are not able to take some special for skin for example pollution which will cause great damage to all skin and make us to lose our original body colouration.

So many of us wish to have clear and fair skin mainly when we see someone who look more fair than us but do we do any skin care to get fair skin most probably answer will be no.

According to the survive the reason why so many people not doing any skin care routine the main reason they have not come across what is skin care routine, which ingredients we have to use , how many times we need to do and so many things. Here in my article am going to say about skin care routine on daily basis with incredents how to apply finally how this give you best result based on each skin type.

Skin care

This word itself say we going to do skin care on daily routine but how we going to do, what natural ingredients we going to how to apply, what are the steps.

Steps To be Followed

1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Moisturizer

1. Cleanser

How to prepare cleanser naturally in home take 2 spoon peanut floor, 1/2 spoon multani metti, 1 and 1/2 spoon milk power, 1 and 1/2 spoon rice floor mix everything together and store in a tight cointainer.

2. Toner

Take half glass of hot water and take rose petals put it in the hot water and store it for three hours, then stain the water store it in a spray bottle.

3. Moisturizer

Take three table spoon of aloevera gel and take three vitamin E Capsule mix the contant very well untill it turn light green color now mix the content in a tight container.

How to Apply

Take some cleaser and add some water or milk mix well apply it in face and neck give good massage in upward direction. After good massage leave it in face for 10 minutes then wash it in a fresh water. Now take some toner dip it in a cotten and apply all over the face leave it for 5 Minutes. Finally this is most important apply some moisturizer and leave it for the day.

This day care routine will helps in improve uneven skin tone remove pigmentation and will give best result for darkspot. All skin type can use this methods which will work effectively and give a bright and soft skin. Do it regularly for better results

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