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SMULE App Tricks & Tips


What is Smule?

Smule is a social singing app,this app provides million of karokee tracks and user friendly with studio experience.

How to join Expired Collab

Every invite validity is only 7 days.suppose u missed ur loved one invite there is a possible to join the expired collab by following steps.which song you want to sing check that song opening date.then go to mobile settings Change network provider date to change manual date then set that song opening date after go to that song now u see join option.

How to Delete group track layer

Group song hide options only available on iphone ,but there is a hidden trick to use hide some one singing layer.Go to smule settings then u can see that option called Upload Wi-Fi only.please enable it.now which track u want to hide choose that song give a empty join of 30 sec with save early. Then go to invites its shows uploading recording . click that box and delete it.all layer of that song will be deleted.

Note: Which layer u want to hide do the above operations with that account only.

Best Audio Quality tips

Close the all doors while singing and half feet distance of mic it helps for pop ,tup ,chup noises.
Use studio or super studio effect to make a song with studio quality audio.

Some example settings

Reverb 63
Room size 43
Vocal volume -1

Maintain difference of 10 -15 between reverb and room size

Fast Forward feature

Smule offers lyrics scrolling options to sing easy.no more waiting time for whole song unfortunately this options only available at iphone And live jam. If u want that feature kindly fill the request form for smule developers

This video helps for how to fill the form

VIP Gifting

There is new feature called Gifting vip pass for 1 day to 7 days to your loved one.



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