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How to buy pubg prime plus subscription


New trick to buy prime and prime plus subscription after ban pubgmobile india

What’s Prime/ Prime plus

Pubg offer two subscriptions namely as prime and prime plus it offers additional rewards to the users

0.99$ Plan details

  • Daily 5 uc
  • 50 UC voucher Weekly
  • Bp Items 7 days to 28 days

9.99$ Plan details

  • Daily 20 uc
  • 600uc voucher weekly
  • Bp items permanent

Steps to buy prime and prime plus

  • 1.Any VPN
  • 2.Creating new google account
  • 3.purchase google play gift card
  • 4.Adding address
  • 5.redeem the code
  • 6.purchase Prime or Prime plus

Follow below video tutorial:

First install any vpn from playstore then connect any country create google account and add address details(vpn server country)then purchase google play redeem code for same country(vpn server country)

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